“I grew up in Orlando, FL where I spent most of my time reenacting “A Chorus Line” at the top of my staircase and living in the land of make-believe. When I was six years old, my mom stuck me in dance classes because the stairs were growing tired. Dance became the highlight of my day and when recital day rolled around and all the parents, friends, and family came to watch, well I was more than excited and don’t get me started on those costumes! But the second I heard the applause – I was hooked.

At twelve, I signed up for an “Entertainment” summer camp where I met David Chernault, the camp director and owner of “Next Generation Kids.” I don’t think I would have continued this path without him. With the confidence he gave me, I decided to try out for a regional theatre production and landed the role my very first try. While rehearsing and performing with this amazingly talented cast, I realized I had “found my people” and this was what I wanted to do with my life.

For three years, I did show after show after show while enjoying school activities and remaining a full-time student. There were countless nights when I was doing homework in the wings between song and dance numbers. But I still wanted more! At 15, I finally convinced my parents to homeschool me and interview with an agent. As luck would have it, I began booking commercials, print work, live vocal performances and of course film and television. And so it began.

Since then I started performing in entertainment with The Walt Disney World Company and Universal Studios Orlando before finally relocating to Los Angeles, CA.” – Chelsea Talmadge

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